I know I have disappeared. I have been up in Edinburgh. I needed a change of scenery and my husband was going to work up there on a project, so I went with him. The change of scenery has helped a lot with my work motivation. I feel like my perios of very low inspiration is easing and I am getting a bit more productive again.

Anyway, back to Edinburgh :-) I loved the city. If it wasn’t that far north, I would already be packing to move there – ok, that’s an overstatement, but if suitanble jobs came up for us up there, I would seriously consider. As it is, it’s not really the cold that scares me. I mean, London is bad enough with its tepid summers, I don’t think it would make such a huge difference. But further up north means less light in winter. And as far as I am concerned there is little enough light down here in the south-east.

It is obviously a much smaller place than London, with only half a million people living there. But the pace of life looks a lot more relaxed and the amazing thing is that at the same time there seem to be quite a few things going on still. There are lots of theatres, orchestras, concerts, restaurants, bars, shops and everything. Of course right now everything is busyer as the international festival and the festival fringe is on. I think I have seen about a show a day. I would have seen more, but the tickets are not cheap at all, and I am not sure I want to pay £12 for an hour of stand-up comedy by a guy I have never heard of before.

I have seen some great stuff though, including a Korean action comedy (martial arts action is even mor eimpressive on stage!), Swan Lake, a jazz singer called Gwyneth Herbert who was billed as the next Jamie Cullum, and more. And if you ever see that something called Tao, martial art of the drums is playing in town, go see it and sit at the front.

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New Interview

I had an interview for a part-time job at university today… I have been planning for weeks what I was going to say, and when I got there I forgot it all. Well, bot all, but my most important point didn’t get nearly enough emphasis. I should have talked a lot more about how I am a PhD student, and if they hire me, I can stay in the job for at least three years. Which saves them the hassles of re-hiring and re-training. Also, I won’t have to look for jobs like third-year undergraduates who’ll be graduating next year. These are things they should know in theory… butt I should have made an effort.

I will have to wait until Monday for a decision. I hate having to wait over the weekend. And I really want this job too. It would be a stable two hours each day, so I could plan around it. And of course I’ll need the money.

In other news my ESRC scholarship application has been rejected. I didn’t really expect anything else, but I still feel a bit disappointed. Maybe next year.

Situation Update

I am feeling quite good right now. This is more a sign of mood-swings that any lasting inner peace though. I’ve been having them these past few days. I just can’t seem to cope with evenings anymore. Especially, as there’s always some special extra project in store, like designing wedding invitations or writing appeal letters.

Oh that. I haven’t mentioned that here before. I got a letter on Tuesday, saying the Research Board won’t consider my PhD scholarship application, because one of the references was ‘unsighed’. WTF??? I was not allowed to see the references at all, why am I being punished here? So I got in touch with the referee. She was suitable horrified, and promptly signed another copy of the letter. Don’t really feel like blaming her. These things happen, and I think it’s the Research Board’s fault for punishing me for something I had no control over whatsoever. My application was in on time, and I do think that it’s a relative;y strong one. Why on earth didn’t they just get in touch with her and ask for a signed copy? Anyway, I wrote an appeal letter and sent it off with the new reference. It will take them two weeks to make a decision, and it’d better be in my favour.


I haven’t been posting much lately, because to be honest I don’t have much to say. All I seem to do is work, and then feel exhausted in the evening. Thank goodness for DVDs – at least it gives me something decent to watch on television when I am to tired to do anything else!

I have already finished revision for two out of my six exams. The first one isn’t until 10. June, but I wish they were next week. I have already done most of the work for them, so I wish they’d just be over. Instead I keep having to go over the material over and over again, and worry that I will forget everything by June…

Now that I am sitting at my desk all day I really feel the need to start doing exercise again… My morning yoga routine has more or less collapsed. I am trying to go on the treadmill for half an hour each day instead. I’ve been for the first time in a long while yesterday, and I was quite frustrated at how un-fit I am. When I used to use the treadmill last year on a regular basis I remember that I used to be able to walk comfortably much faster. I find running on the treadmill scary, so I only walk, but still, it has to be better than nothing. There’s also a new, weird running machine in the gym, which I might try at some point. Although I have the feeling I’d just feel ridiculous, pretending to run on a weird contraption.

working out 🙂

Circus Market

Hello, Poodle Circus here with a note on circus marketing and how this affects your day-to-day lives. We know how to act, that all there is. The difference between the sophists and cynics is a rational approach to marketing and advertising. Poodles are deceptive, and are one of the most angry dogs, probably due to their size.

The circus of the market is quite a show; there are lions, elephants, poodles, seals, wolves, pigs, and other irrelevant animals such as sheep. You run into them all of the time. They know you, follow you, order you, and live around you. The television shows the word, materials, and the expectation of society. Watch this video on YouTube to get an idea of what I’m trying to say.